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September 06, 2016, 06:48:58 PM by akvvirus
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This would be a cool secondary for the rear gunner of the attack plane.

September 06, 2016, 01:09:38 PM by akvvirus
Views: 186 | Comments: 2

Looks interesting.

September 01, 2016, 09:08:17 PM by Jaeger
Views: 144 | Comments: 1

"Enter the chaos of war as a bold Knight, brutal Viking, or deadly Samurai, three of the greatest warrior legacies. Master the sword and fight in brutal, fast-paced melee combat across an engaging story campaign and groundbreaking multiplayer modes.

The Art of Battle, For Honor’s innovative control system, puts you in total control of your Heroes, each with distinct skills and weapons. The combat is designed to deliver the feeling of real dueling without sacrificing accessibility and simplicity. It has been created with motion capture by real martial artists and professional stuntmen to bring the action to life like never before."

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August 26, 2016, 11:21:12 PM by AgSurfer | Views: 187 | Comments: 3

I dont know if anyone has signed up or even knows about how to sign up for the beta. I did the battlefield insider on the 26 so probably too late but maybe ill be able to get in.

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